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Reroll Expectations

A Real-Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast featuring Cayce McWilliams, WIll Truax, Anthony Carluccio, and Jeff Nabors as your local benevolent Dungeon Master. We are currently in a homebrewed world called Sirine, a high-fantasy world of political intrigue and bizarre, powerful magic.

May 12, 2020

The party continues, with Arimin putting Shortwing in a tough spot, as he assumes the mantle of the Green Prophet. Oh, and Rufus stole someone's bird.

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May 5, 2020

Rufus, Ari, and Shortwing have stumbled across a wanted man camping out deep in the forest, who claims to be none other than the King in Exile himself. Tasked with a new quest, the gang sets out to "do something that Alphonse told us to I guess", in Rufus' words.


Thank you to Michael Ghelfi for providing music for the...